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Case study For The Design And Development Of A New Website

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If you have a car accident in Germany you need to see an expert to audit who is to blame for the accident. The expert evaluates the evidence and determines the car damage. This is a very grueling process that can take hours. Furthermore, people have to drive to the office of the expert to get their car looked at. Exbird strives to solves this problem.

Instead of booking the appointment with an expert, a car accident victim can book it with Exbird. Exbird would send their driver to the client to check the damage. The Exbird team member would take pictures of the car and handle all the paperwork with the client on the spot. Afterwards, they would deliver all the information to an expert. Exbird also handles all the paperwork with the client's insurance. The whole process takes the customer only around half an hour and is completely free! Awesome, right?

The Work

The homepage had to explain what Exbird is about since it is a brand new service. People need to understand what they get in an instant. At the same time, the site needs to be attractive, trustful and appealing.

Moreover we wanted to implement a number of features:

The Technology