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Case study For The Design And Development Of A New Website


If you have a car accident in Germany you need to see an expert to audit who is to blame for the accident. The expert evaluates the evidence and determines the car damage. This is a very grueling process that can take hours. Furthermore, people have to drive to the office of the expert to get their car looked at. Exbird strives to solves this problem.

Instead of booking the appointment with an expert, a car accident victim can book it with Exbird. Exbird would send their driver to the client to check the damage. The Exbird team member would take pictures of the car and handle all the paperwork with the client on the spot. Afterwards, they would deliver all the information to an expert. Exbird also handles all the paperwork with the client's insurance. The whole process takes the customer only around half an hour and is completely free! Awesome, right?

The Work

The homepage had to explain what Exbird is about since it is a brand new service. People need to understand what they get in an instant. At the same time, the site needs to be attractive, trustful and appealing.

Moreover we wanted to implement a number of features:

  • The appointments had to be set up in regular intervals to account for the drivers driving time. Appointments should not be able to be double booked.

  • The website should offer the functionality to book appointments online.

  • The user should be able to upload photos to the website that will be linked to his booking

  • There should be an area limitation to Hamburg in the first Phase

  • Phone number, name and email as contact details had to be provided

  • There should be an email and SMS notification after the booking has done to the client and exbird.

  • Experts had to be able to register on the site and book appointments for their clients via Exbird.

  • Client Notifications. The client should receive information about his appointment with exbird. This had to be sent out a few hours before the actual time. He should also receive an online form to prefill some information and speed up the time the appointment is going to take.

  • Affiliate program for the registered experts.

  • Export all customer data into a CSV file.

  • Send a calendar invitation to the customer and exbird team member.

The Technology

  • We developed the markup using HTML5, SCSS, Javascript and Gulp. We used Semantic UI as a Framework. We moved the markup to WordPress to manage the content. The admin can change all the content through the backend. We implemented this with advanced custom fields.

  • We implemented the sliders on the website using slick.js.

  • We created a schedule in AWS to send notifications before the time of the appointment. This schedule is calling an AWS Lambda function in regular 30-minute intervals. The lambda function is making an HTTPs request to the REST API on WordPress. Implementing a REST API is (a very new and) powerful WordPress feature. The algorithm checks for any appointments that are due in the next 30 minutes or within the next 2 hours. It sends out SMS, emails or questionnaires to the customers.

  • We created custom post type for the booking. The CPT comprised all the data we captured from the user. We created a separate database table to manage all the available times.

  • To handle file uploads from the customer we used dropzone.js. It is a very intuitive way of uploading files or images. It allows you to drop images straight from your computer into it's zone. It also allows users to take pictures with their phone camera and upload them to Exbird.

  • We created two new user roles (client and expert). We implemented the affiliate program by providing the expert with his own link. He can share that with his customers. When a customer accesses that link a cookie gets set. It links any future booking he might make to this expert.

  • To be compliant with GDPR we added a notification that the website uses cookies.