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Case Study for conversion rate optimization, design and development of a Digital Marketing Agency


Growth Ledge Agency is a San Francisco digital marketing agency that focuses on growth marketing. We know that with small businesses, every dollar spent on marketing needs to yield a return. We develop unique marketing strategies for our clients that will increase leads through websites, search marketing, social media, and beyond.

How we took GrowthLedge from a 3% conversion rate to 25%

Growthledge had a typical wordpress website. It was just not visually appealing. Studies have shown that Mistrusted websites have bad design. Some of the design-related reasons why visitors mistrust a website are:

  • Complex, busy layout – Unusual layouts were cited as being less trustworthy. Participants were looking for an easy-to-read and expected layout. (This is a well known concept called cognitive fluency.)
  • Boring web design (especially use of color) – General rule of thumb is that high contrasting websites also convert better.
  • Pop-up advertisements – Most people find pop-up ads annoying. And this study points out that they also hurt your website’s credibility.


Building trust is one of the most important factors in web design. We added logos of Growthledes past clients, images to the testimonials and most important Joannes face to the hero image of the landingpage. A clear body shot has been proven to increase conversions for years.

Speed Improvement

Increases in performance have shown to cause leaps in the conversion rate. We improved the website speed by roughly 125% by optimizing images, deferring the load of styles and scripts, minimizing the code, reducing the number of plugins and moving the site to a new hosting provider.

Clear Pain Points

By changing the layout of the page we were able to speak to Joannes audience in a much clearer way. Relating to your target audience and speaking to their pain points and problems is the most important factor to convert visitors into customers. By having easy to understand comparisons of problem to the solution Growthledge offered to their customers and the results they got she was not only able to communicate her service in a more precise way but also hit on emotional triggers.

Call to action

Instead of having a boring contact form we replaced it with a booking calendar that is connected with Joanne. Visitors can schedule a strategy session right away and jump all the email back and forth.