Whitehacking Platform

Case Study
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Case Study for design and development of a whitehacking platform


Hackathon is a new platform launched by gridware, a security company in australia. Hackathon brings together hackers, schools, universities, fun and reward.

Schools and universities function as challenge providers. They can host a challenge for their class or school exclusively or make it public so that everybody can take part.

White Hackers (hackers with good intention) can register on the website. Each hacker belong to an organization (school or business). They can enroll in the challenge.

A challenge provides a brief introduction what needs to be achieved and how it can be done. Then the whitehackers start the penetration testing. They need to breach the system to find a code that they can then enter on the website and thus solve the challenge.

Each hacker has a public profile that shows the number of challenges he has enrolled in and solved.

The platform acts as a community. By adding a leaderboard you can always see the top 10 hackers creating a feeling of competition. Hackers and organizations are also able to leave comments on their profiles.